It's your Story.

Tell it how you want to.

With every tattoo comes a story worth preserving. Or at least that’s what we believe here at Seal the Deal ®. Made by individuals whose tales are also told visually throughout their bodies, we believe that the ink of our stories should last as long as we do. That’s why we’ve used only the best ingredients to help keep your ink vibrant, colorful, and like new. It’s your story. Tell it how you want to.

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Seal The Deal® Daily Tattoo Cream

Introducing. Seal The Deal® Daily Tattoo Cream. Made with over 75 active constituents to keep your ink vibrant, colorful and beautiful. Our NON-Greasy Formulation will sooth your skin and keep your skin not only healthy, but your tattoos beautiful and vibrant for years to come.

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.25 Ounce Pillow Packet

Seal the Deal® Pillow Pack Tattoo Aftercare Cream

Our premium Tattoo Aftercare Cream is a non-petroleum, non-greasy, Tattoo Soothing Cream. It is packed full of vitamins for your skin, and is the best tattoo moisturizer on the planet!

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Just got my package in the mail today, including a handful of sample packs to give out (thanks Nate!). I have a relatively new tattoo in my armpit/back of the arm area and its pretty sore due to the location. The seal the deal cream went on and I felt the results immediately. Non greasy like other gimmicky aftercare products I have tried, absorbed right in and took some of the anger right out of my tat. Can't wait to try it out at the end of the month when i go back in for more work on my chest and belly. Awesome job guys, I will be ordering more soon.
I recommend this product 100%

Customer Jay Field

I love this stuff! Not greasy at all, and my customers love that about it. My customers are diggin' it. The product smells great and I'll continue to recommend to my clients!

Tattoo Artist Cleen Rock One

Just received my bottle of seal the deal! It is amazing and the customer service is exceptional. Thanks Nate for everything!!

Customer Victor Vallejos


Breast Cancer Tattoos

Seal The Deal ® Tattoo Cream has partnered with several non profit organizations that help women receive 3D nipple tattoos or other types of breast tattooing.

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Featured artist

Cleen Rock One

Cleen Rock One is owner of Chrome Gyspy Tattoo a CLEEN ROCK ONE studios tattoo parlor. Cleen Rock One – whose neo-traditional and new school approaches to ink landed him guest spots in studios worldwide, many features in national & internationally published magazines and consistant appearences on Ink Master TV show.

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